The Masque Of The Red Death

Edgar Allen Poe


Set in an opulent abbey during a rampant blood plague, Prince Prospero seals himself inside with a thousand friends to party until death burns itself out, and it becomes safe to return to the habitable world.
But their plans disintegrate when a mysterious visitor crashes the party, and their haven becomes a tomb. Poe’s influential and timely short story is a sumptuous warning for our era.


Ben Winspear – Director

Kris McQuade – Narrator

Tom Rimes – Musical Director

June Tyzack – Chorus Master

Roz Wren – Masks & Puppets

Tracey Patten – Percussion

Matthew Goddard – Percussion

Peter Warren – Organ

Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra Choir

Sophie Bender – Production Photos

Special Thanks

Ben Atkinson

Gary Price

Alexis Hargrave


Winspear and Rimes deliver a hugely engaging, surprising production.

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