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Screen Forever 2022: ABC challenges streamers to release ratings

“From Australia to the world – looking out and looking in”

In 2021, Clickbait topped Netflix charts in over 20 countries, Wakefield was acquired by Showtime and Bluey had American kids speaking with Australian accents.

All around the world, people are watching Australian content. What does a more global perspective mean for the Australian identity on screen? As a producer, how do you create a hit locally and abroad? Is power truly in the hands of the audience? How important are mandates and money to what we create in Australia? Are the funding and policy settings right for Australian content creation in 2021 and beyond? Is there a fairness in the deals being struck for new Australian content these days? Is there a bright future for Australian content on streaming platforms?


In this special Q+A industry session, panelists, including Marta Dusseldorp were asked about the lack of ratings available for producers from streaming platforms.

Some people’s trash is other people’s treasure. A Place to Call Home got cancelled in the second season by Channel Seven, at 1.3 million. They said ‘not enough’. And it was just at the time that streamers were coming in and people were wanting to binge. But Foxtel picked it up, and we got another four seasons from it. Now it’s treasured and sold to 180 territories around the world. So, you never know.”

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