Song Cycle by Franz Schubert

Presented with Beaker Street Festival 2021


Schubert’s achingly beautiful meditation on mortality for solo voice and piano, set in a world of ice and rain. Written after a diagnosis of syphilis, an effective death sentence, this music captures all the grace, longing and horror that only the doomed can truely appreciate. This great gift to humanity is ours to honour, to savour, and to revere. In an age of chronic loneliness and isolation, this music offers us the definitive statement on solitude and einsamkeit.


Tasmanian Theatre Awards 2022

Amanda Hodder and Nicholas Tolputt. Musical Theatre Judges’ Award for excellence in musicality and ensemble.

Sizzle Reel


Ben Winspear – Director and Translator

Nicholas Tolputt – Countertenor

Amanda Hodder – Piano

Marty McGrath – Director of Photography

Jason James – Lighting Designer

Peter Brennan – Editor

Eliya Cohen – Second Camera


It was like experiencing synaesthesia – sound and image and meaning becoming one.


It was like sitting inside an artwork.


I lived in Germany for years and saw Winterriese many times. I never understood it until now.


I really loved how the projected backgrounds worked with and highlighted the performances and the over-all emotional context of the piece. So great to see Archipelago being so prolific.


Its emotional intensity and the potency of its simplicity (as well as our privileged proximity to the performers) suggest the direction that could make Hobart a national and international centre for performance.


A mesmerising performance of Schubert’s Winterreise. Nicholas sang with such clarity, vitality and devastating pathos. Flawlessly accompanied by Amanda Hodder and meticulously directed by Ben Winspear – it felt like art should feel: moving, emotional and spot on engaging.

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