Ten Days on the Island Festival Tour

Marta Dusseldorp – Venus
Ben Winspear – Adonis
Thomas Rimes – Composer/Synthesiser
Tracey Patten – Percussion
Peter Warren – Organ
Matt Scott – Cinematographer
Stephanie Jack – Assistant Director

This project was born out of an invitation from Tom Rimes, who was curating a concert series for St David’s Cathedral during the slow re-emergence from the COVID-19 shutdown. 


We decided to rehearse a reading of this dramatic poem for a number of reasons, the first related to historical reactions to pandemics past, as Shakespeare had written the piece after the closure of the London theatres during an outbreak of the plague.

A second, more prosaic reason was that as a household bubble, we knew we were safe from compromising the health of others, and that the performance was more likely to be able to proceed without cancelation. 


A third reason was simply rising to the challenge of the invitation. We were greatly impressed by Tom’s spirit and generosity, and leapt at the opportunity to meet and work with such brilliantly accomplished musicians. 


We are thrilled to be able to revisit the work as part of Ten Days on the Island.  Ben and Marta.

Archipelagos' original performance of Venus and Adonis took place in 2020

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