The Carbon-Neutral Adventures of the Indefatigable Enviroteens



The Carbon Neutral Adventure of the Indefatigable Enviroteens is a riotous new illustrated novel by the highly regarded, Walkley Award winning cartoonist and social commentator First Dog on the Moon. Published in 2020, it is immediate, enlightening, intelligent and hilarious.
The story traces a trio of teen mammals and a monotreme on their mission to rid the oceans of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It is packed with rare scientific insights, simplifies complex subjects, and is full of First Dog’s wide ranging and brilliant wit. The story follows the heroes’ adventures as they learn of the existence of the great garbage patch, theorise as to who might be behind its appearance, form a team to combat it, and battle the evil SingleUse Plastic Bernard, a dastardly sentient plastic bag. Along the way the characters create inventions, learn about the plight of various endangered animals, and work together to rid the world of this great scourge.
It is at once moving and silly, powerful and petty, presenting relatable characters, with flaws and abilities much like our own. This is timely subject matter, presented in a way that immediately engages humans of all ages – but especially children.

Supported by the Tasmanian Government and City of Hobart.

Tickets available through Theatre Royal, Hobart

Production Team

FirstDog OnTheMoon – Writer & Illustrator

Ben Winspear – Director/Dramaturg


Caitlin Berwick
Noah Casey

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