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Archipelago Productions is producing feature films, television, and works for stage and festivals. We aspire to develop and create work locally, in collaboration with interstate and international partners, bringing the world to us, and the work to the world; projects that are born of place, but which reach far beyond our perceived isolation.

We endeavour to export artistic and cultural projects that paint Tasmania as a viable and exciting place to create new work, extending our ambition, thinking and reach. Through quality, supported work driven by passion, we can simultaneously engage with pressing social issues, nurture new talent and develop stories for everyone. Archipelago Productions has its sights set on promoting Tasmania as the most exciting corner of the country. A place in which to risk, innovate, and inspire.

Past Projects

The Maids

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We stand by the assertion that access to and participation in culture is a fundamental human right, and promote this fact at every opportunity.

In Development

Bay of Fires

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The development of new work is the surest path to inclusivity, bringing writers, performers and makers of all backgrounds and and creating professional pathways for the coming generation of artists. Mentoring is of great importance to us. It broadens our pool of collaborators, and helps to grow the local creative sector generally. We are driven by a desire to further the works of women, and to bring female voices and perspectives to life through stories. We value the concept of Makarrata, and seek projects that promote a coming together after a struggle.



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