Theatre Council Tasmania 2022 Awards


We are proud as punch to start our year with the news of the following Theatre Council Tasmania award nominations. Our thanks to the cast and crew who worked with us to create the work, the audiences who came to see THE BLEEDING TREE and THE MAIDS in such uncertain times and our peers for recognising the people who contributed to the productions with such talent and tenacity.


Outstanding Production Professional Theatre
THE BLEEDING TREE By Angus Cerini (Archipelago Productions and Blue Cow Theatre)
THE MAIDS By Jean Genet Translation by Martin Crimp (Archipelago Productions)


Outstanding Performance Professional Theatre
ESSIE DAVIS for The Maids (Archipelago Productions)
MARTA DUSSELDORP for The Bleeding Tree (Archipelago Productions and Blue Cow Theatre)
MARTA DUSSELDORP for The Maids (Archipelago Productions)
JANE JOHNSON for The Bleeding Tree (Archipelago Productions and Blue Cow Theatre)


Outstanding Ensemble Professional Theatre
Cast of THE BLEEDING TREE (Archipelago Productions and Blue Cow Theatre)


Outstanding Direction Professional Theatre
BEN WINSPEAR for The Bleeding Tree (Archipelago Productions and Blue Cow Theatre)
BEN WINSPEAR for The Maids (Archipelago Productions)


Outstanding Original Set Design Professional Theatre
LIMINAL SPACES for The Bleeding Tree (Archipelago Productions and Blue Cow Theatre)


Outstanding Lighting or Video/Film Design Professional Theatre
JASON JAMES for Lighting in The Maids (Archipelago Productions)


Outstanding Sound Design Professional Theatre
GLENN RICHARDS for The Bleeding Tree (Archipelago Productions and Blue Cow Theatre)
GLENN RICHARDS for The Maids (Archipelago Productions)


Winners will be announced 5 March.

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We endeavour to export artistic and cultural projects that paint Tasmania as a viable and exciting place to create new work, extending our ambition, thinking and reach. Through quality, supported work driven by passion, we can simultaneously engage with pressing social issues, nurture new talent and develop stories for everyone. Archipelago Productions has its sights set on promoting Tasmania as the most exciting corner of the country. A place in which to risk, innovate, and inspire.

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