Perfect Stranger

Short form series based on the play by Hilary Bell


A woman escapes from the tedium of her life for a day, but discovers that finding her way back to who she was is now impossible. Alone in city she only dimly recognises, and possessed of a strange destructive power she struggles to understand, she must navigate a new pathway to an uncertain future. 

An exploration of the illusory nature of security, the precariousness of identity, and the agony of anonymity. Hilary Bell has created a powerful modern fable for our times. The crisis of loneliness gripping modern existence is examined in heartrending detail. A powerful examination of the twin forces that shape female identity, Perfect Stranger interrogates the role of freedom in women’s lives, where the choice between servitude and safety, or independence and vulnerability is laid strikingly bare. Based on a mix of lived experience and myth, the story illustrates the effect that random experiences can wreak on our lives, and the power of kindness in a world where it is so easy to overlook the suffering of others.

After emerging, dripping from a river, Ruth delights in abandoning her motherly responsibilities for a day, but the consequences of her transgression begin to mount, until she gradually begins to lose all sense of who she is. Her desperate appeals for help lead her to encounter a parade of broken, invisible people like herself. Finally she makes it home, only to discover it now houses another family of strangers. From there her plight becomes increasingly frantic. Finally she resorts to the highest crime a mother can commit, but one driven by mercy and compassion.


Hilary Bell Playwright

Elise McCreadie Series Creator

Nathan Maynard Writer

Takani Clark Writer

Stephanie Jack Writer