Year              Production / Character                      Director                                 Company                                              


2018              A PLACE TO CALL HOME: SERIES 6   Various                                Foxtel / Seven Network

                      Sarah Adams                                                                                       


2017              JACK IRISH SERIES 2                             Various                                 Essential Media & Entertainment



2017              A PLACE TO CALL HOME: SERIES 5   Various                                 Foxtel / Seven Network

                      Sarah Adams                                                                                       


2016              JANET KING: SERIES 3                          Various                                   Screentime

                      Janet King


2016             A PLACE TO CALL HOME: SERIES 4   Various                                   Foxtel / Seven Network

                      Sarah Adams                                                                                       


2015             JANET KING: SERIES 2                         Various                                   Screentime

                      Janet King            


2015             JACK IRISH SERIES 1                             Various                                   Essential Media & Entertainment



2015             A PLACE TO CALL HOME: SERIES 3   Various                                   Foxtel / Seven Network

Sarah Adams                                                                                       


2013             A PLACE TO CALL HOME: SERIES 2   Various                                   Seven Network

                      Sarah Adams


2013             JACK IRISH: DEAD POINT                    Jeffrey Walker                      Essential Media & Entertainment

                      Linda Hillier



2013             JANET KING                                           Various                                   Screentime

                      Janet King


2012             A PLACE TO CALL HOME: SERIES 1   Various                                   Seven Network Operations

                      Sarah Adams


2012             DEVIL’S DUST                                        Jessica Hobbs                        Fremantle Media

                      Meredith Hellicar


2012             JACK IRISH: BLACK TIDE                      Jeffrey Walker                      Essential Media & Entertainment

                      Linda Hillier


2012             JACK IRISH: BAD DEBTS                       Jeffrey Walker                      Essential Media & Entertainment

                      Linda Hillier


2011             CROWNIES                                             Various                                   Crownies TV Pty Ltd

                      Janet King


2010             RESUE SPECIAL OPS: SERIES 2           Peter Andrikidis                   Southern Star Productions

                      Lisa Hartigan


2007             BLACKJACK TELEMOVIES:                   Peter Andrikidis                   Jigsaw Entertainment

                      GHOSTS; AT THE GATES;

                      DEAD MEMORY

                      Sam Lawson


2004             HELL HAS HARVOUR VIEWS               Peter Duncan                        Hilton Cordell Productions



2004             BLACKJACK TELEMOVIES:                   Peter Andrikidis                   Jigsaw Entertainment

                      IN THE MONEY; SWEET SCIENCE;

                      ACE POINT GAME

                      Sam Lawson


2003             MDA                                                       Arnee Meene                       Screentime

                      Joanna Gilchrist


2002             AFTER THE DELUGE                             Brendan Maher                    Cox Knight/Apollo Films



2002             YOUNG LIONS                                       Ana Kokkinos                        Quicksilver Productions

                      Catherine McGregor


2001             KANGAROO CREEK GANG                                                                  Southern Star Animation

                      Voice of Emily Emu                                                                             


2001             FARSCAPE                                              Rowan Woods                      Farscape Productions

                      Officer Yal Henta


2001             BACKBERNER                                         Various                                   Crackerjack Productions

                      Ms Cain



2000             ALL SAINTS                                            Various                                   Amalgamated Television Services

                      Debbie Bloom


1998             HALIFAX                                                 Various                                   Simpson Le Mesurier

                      Glenys Lund


1998             MURDER CALL                                      Various                                  West Street Production No. 2



1996             MERCURY                                               Various                                  West Street Production No. 2



1991             G.P.                                                         Various                                  Roadshow Coote & Carroll




Year              Production / Character                      Director                                 Company                                              


2011             BURNING MAN                                     Jonathon Teplitzky               Burning Man Productions



1999             INNOCENCE                                           Paul Cox                                 Illumination Films



1998             PRAISE                                                    John Curran                          Emcee Films



1996             PARADISE ROAD                                  Bruce Beresford                   Village Roadshow Pictures

                      Helen van Praagh



Year              Production / Character                      Director                                 Company                                              


2018             A DOLL’S HOUSE PART 2                    Sarah Goodes                       Melbourne Theatre Company



2017             SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE              Paige Rattray                         Queensland Theatre Company



2016             GLORIA                                                  Lee Lewis                               Griffin Theatre Company



2011             NEVER DID ME ANY HARM                Kate Champion                     Force Majeure

                      As Cast


2010             TUSK TUSK                                             Shannon Murphy                 Sydney Theatre Company / ATYP



2010             LIKE A FISHBONE                                  Tim Maddock                        Sydney Theatre Company/

                      The Architect                                                                                         Griffin





2009             WAR OF THE ROSES                             Benedict Andrews               Sydney Theatre Company



2009             THE CRUCIBLE                                       Tanya Goldberg                    Sydney Theatre Company

                      Elizabeth Proctor


2008             GALLIPOLI                                             Nigel Jamieson                     Sydney Theatre Company

                      Sister Alice Kitchen


2008             SERPENTS TEETH                                  Pamela Rabe &                     Sydney Theatre Company

                      Layla                                                      Tim Maddock


2007             TALES OF THE VIENNA WOODS        Jean-Pierre Mignon             Sydney Theatre Company

                      Baroness/Second  Aunt/

                      Lady Customer


2006             THE BOURGEOIS GENTLEMAN           Jean-Pierre Mignon             Sydney Theatre Company



2006             THE LOST ECHO                                    Barrie Kosky                          Sydney Theatre Company



2006             MOTHER COURAGE                             Robyn Nevin                         Sydney Theatre Company



2005             JOURNAL OF THE PLAGUE YEAR/      Michael Kantor                     Malthouse Theatre             

                      HAM FUNERAL

                      Bag lady/3rd Relative/ Wogret


2004             VICTORY                                                 Judy Davis &                         Sydney Theatre Company

                      Devonshire                                            Ben Winspear


2004             THE UNDERPANTS                                Neil Armfield                        Belvoir/Company B National Tour



2004             SONGKET                                               Ros Horin                              Griffin Theatre Company



2003             THE WAY OF THE WORLD                  Gale Edwards                        Sydney Theatre Company

                      Mistress Marwood


2002             ALL MY SONS                                        Adam Cook                           Ensemble Theatre at the

                      Ann Deever                                                                                            SOH Playhouse


2001             CLOUDSTREET                                       Neil Armfield                        Belvoir/Company B London Tour

                      Hattie Lamb


2001             THE WOOLGATHERER                         Cristabel Sved                      Darlinghurst Theatre



2000             A MIDSUMMERS NIGHTS’ DREAM   Elke Neidhardt                      Bell Shakespeare Company




1999             FOOTPRINTS ON WATER                    Peter Houghton                    Griffin Theatre Company



1999             THE MILL ON THE FLOSS                    John O’Hare                          Sydney Theatre Company/Wharf 2



1998             MISALLIANCE                                        Christopher Newton            Melbourne Theatre Company

                      Hypatia Tarleton


1997             THREE SISTERS                                      Roger Hodgman                   Melbourne Theatre Company



1997             THE BALCONY                                       Bruce Myles                          Melbourne Theatre Company



1996             NO NAMES, NO PACK DRILL              Andrew Tighe                       Marian Street Theatre



AWARDS & NOMINATIONS                                                                                                      

Year              Award/Nomination                                                                            Production                                           


2017             TV Week Logie Nomination for Best Actress                                 Body of Work

2017             TV Week Logie Nomination for Most Outstanding Actress         JANET KING

2017             AACTA Award Nomination for Best Lead Actress                          JANET KING

                     in a Television Drama

2017             Sydney Theatre Award for Best Actress                                          GLORIA

2016             TV Week Logie Nomination Most Popular Actress                       A PLACE TO CALL HOME

2015             TV Week Logie Nomination for Most Outstanding Actress         JANET KING

2014             AACTA Award for Lead Actress in a Television Drama                  JANET KING                                          

2014             TV Week Logie Award Nomination for Most Popular Actress    A PLACE TO CALL HOME

2009             Helpmann Award for Best Female Actor                                        WAR OF THE ROSES

in a Supporting Role in a Play



Year              Production                                            Director                                 Company                                             


2016             JANET KING S3 (Associate)                 Various                                   Screentime

2015             JANET KING S2 (Associate)                 Various                                   Screentime