Theatre Production

Marta Dusseldorp – Venus
Ben Winspear – Adonis
Thomas Rimes – Composer/Synthesiser
Tracey Patten – Percussion
Peter Warren – Organ
Matt Scott – Cinematographer
Stephanie Jack – Assistant Director

This piece was written when the London theatres were closed due to an outbreak of the plague. We can all now identify with the yearning that grows with separation, how the need for touch is so fundamental to our happiness, and how loneliness can take our minds to strange and fearful places. 

The limited, almost claustrophobic atmosphere of the writing mirrors the internal landscape of an

individual in isolation, turning to an inward universe when the outer is distant and forbidden.


There is something cinematic about the writing, with its intricate, detailed descriptions of bodies and flowers, and this was the starting point for the accompanying film.


The moving image component is meant as a complimentary texture to drift between and through the words, and is not to be read as literal illustration of the poem, though there are moments that cross over.


We are deeply grateful to Thomas Rimes for offering us the chance to collaborate with new artists and bring an hour of contemplation to an audience living through a difficult year.

© 2020 Archipelago Productions

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